Access Your Cash 24/7 With Any Device

Access Your Cash 24/7

With Any Device

Send Your POD's - Get Paid Within 60 Minutes of Delivery

Send Your POD's —

Get Paid Within

60 Minutes of Delivery

Lower your rate to ZERO

Lower your rate


NBT is the smart alternative to traditional factoring that helps you grow and manage
your money, because our business is keeping you in business.

More Money. More Control.

60-Minute Funding As Late as 6 p.m. Real-Time Access.

How much faster could your business move if you received your cash within an hour? With 60-Minute Funding you have the competitive advantage and are better equipped to meet business needs.

Simply deliver a load then fax, email or scan your PODs to get cash anyway you like.

David Jones

Real Client. Real Story.

"When I started out, I had two trucks and I didn’t know anything about trucking. With the help of NBT, I did grow considerably — as many as 17 trucks — and the cash flow was better. Now I feel like we are a successful company and I would attribute most of that to NBT. I know they have my back and they want me to succeed. I’m 100% positive if I were with another company, I would be out of business...Today, as far as net worth, we’re at about $1.5 million.

Every part of NBT — from funding to the VanishingRate Program to their online cash management program — there is none other out there that could scratch the surface on what NBT does."
David Jones / President of D.E. Jones Inc. — Client Since 2009

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Our Real-Time Cash Management System Gives you complete control

In today's fast paced world, having your business at your fingertips is a necessity. If your factoring company is showing you reports from yesterday, that's one day too late.

Here are some of the key features that make our real-time system the most powerful in the industry.

  • NBT QuickScanSM - Drivers can scan and send PODs.
  • Online Bill Pay - Automatically or manually pay bills with online company checks.
  • Self-funding options - Disburse your funds six different ways.
  • AutoBudgetSM - Always have cash on hand for such things like tags and insurance.
  • VanishingRateSM Program - You can lower your factoring rate to zero.
  • CreditWatch - Review customer credit reports.
  • TaxSaveSM - One-page summary for your tax preparer.
  • Complete Accounts Receivables Management
  • Reserve Release - Know what your reserve release is at any moment.

Bobby Blanton
"We've been running trucks for a long time and my bank said we didn't need factoring, that they'd always take care of us when we needed it. When we needed some extra cash, they failed me. NBT came through to help us grow 226%, from 2 to 17 trucks!"
Bobby Blanton / President of RTS — Client Since 2010

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Customer Service is the
heart of NBT.

At the end of the day, even the best tools can't replace a friendly, competent voice. Your personalized NBT Success Team delivers an exceptional client experience — from your very first call. They listen to feedback and thrive on delivering above and beyond your expectations. As a well-run machine, we pro-actively research and filter best business practices for your benefit..

Wilson Ondara
"NBT has been consistent in improving our cash flow and providing us with a reliable back room. Thanks to NBT, we’ve grown from 8 to 16 trucks in 6 months!"
Wilson Ondara / Operations at Exodus Transline — Client Since 2013

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